Giulia D’Anna is not like any health professional you’ve met before. She’s superbly stylish, with charisma bursting at the seams. A whirlwind in the paramedical industry, Giulia has changed the very nature of dermal and dental services. Giulia D’Anna is not only a highly trained health professional, a graduate from Melbourne University and received a post-graduate membership to a prestigious College, and she is also a creative force. The masterpiece of her career is her one of a kind Melbourne studio, offering dental and skin services in one place. 

‘A person is not just a set of teeth. A great smile is determined by the whole face, not just the teeth’, says Giulia D’Anna. It is this philosophy that has led her team at iDental and Dermal Distinction to combine their services, creating a groundbreaking new solution. After a high school and university career coloured by her flair for science and maths, Giulia opened iDental in 1998 and the business quickly grew. A decade or so later, Giulia’s interest in beauty began to grow and she enrolled in several courses, including a post-graduate study in skin science. That was when it hit her; she could offer a one-stop shop for clients needing both dermal and dental work done. 

‘I’m an all or nothing kind of person. The idea of combining dental work with skin therapy seemed just crazy enough to work!’, says Giulia. And, it’s working indeed – with Giulia being awarded an Honorary Fellowship from the International Academy for Dental Facial Aesthetics for her innovative work which focuses on the whole face, not just teeth. 

While Giulia’s talent and creativity is evident, they are not the primary motivators for her hard work. ‘When I started to work holistically, offering clients both dermal and dental therapy, I really saw positive psychological effects’, Giulia remembers. 

Giulia recalls a partially memorable client who was depressed and demotivated, with troubling skin and dental issues. As Giulia worked with her and created unique solutions, she watched this woman’s confidence sharply increase. She is now a changed person, not just on the outside – happily married and living the life she always dreamed of. 

As a busy mother of two, Giulia is constantly on the move – hitting milestones at a break-neck speed. “I can’t believe it’s iDental’s 20th birthday this year!”, she exclaims. Given how young and vibrant Giulia appears, her disbelief is well grounded. iDental and Dermal Distinction has no similar business setup, no one else offers what Giulia’s talented team does. The studio has a makeup bar, where you’ll often find  Giulia herself doing her client’s makeup after treatment. 

The richness of experience behind Giulia allows her to inspire and equip others, beyond those who sit in her office. She loves to educate others, helping other professionals achieve the unique level of quality which Giulia’s services offer. Committed to honesty, kindness and excellence, Giulia’s success is credited to her character as much as her training.

After an hour with this powerhouse of a woman, you are left thinking, ‘How does she do it?’. 20 years of professional achievements, a thriving family and a career marked by thought leadership – Giulia D’Anna has so much to offer. Not only has she single-handedly transformed her industry, she also has a great smile to boot! 

At Dermal Distinction, everything they do is with care, passion and a precise methodology. Their dermal and dental team love ensuring that their clients are well looked after, treated with discretion and offered the best cosmetic skin treatments available.

Dermal Distinction have solutions for all kinds of skin concerns, like pigmentation, lines and wrinkles, general ageing, cosmetic enhancement procedures, skin tag and capillary removal, and more.

Giulia D’Anna graduated from the University of Melbourne in 1996. After commencing her own business in 1998, her interest in cosmetic facial procedures led to further training and study within the field of non-surgical cosmetic injectables and skin sciences.  

Giulia loves achieving enhancement results that appear natural and well proportioned. Her approach is to achieve a result that uses conservative treatments, to achieve her refined, defined and refreshed look.

“What People Say

It was such a pleasure meeting you. I loved my treatments and my skin looks and feels amazing. I am looking forward to my return and to have some treatments booked b4 the Wedding.
Everyone there was so lovely And I have never left so comfortable. I honestly also felt like I was in a luxurious Boutique Hotel

Francine, Sydney

So here’s the thing, I’m not far off 50 and my skin has never been better. I had some concerns a few years ago about my general appearance, such as dullness, large pores & loss of volume around cheeks. The best thing that happened to me was Giulia & her team at Dermal Distinction. They are highly professional, skilled individuals. I always feel welcomed and spoilt

Anna, Balwyn

I’ve been going to Dermal Distinction for the last year and I’ve enjoyed every single experience. The clinic is beautiful, warm and inviting & the staff are lovely, knowledgeable and go the extra mile. I have had skin treatments including microderm, peels and anti wrinkle injections. With each treatment I’ve felt thoroughly informed from start to finish and I highly recommend the clinic to anyone wanting an exceptional experience

Jessica, Kew

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