The Big 30! Not so Ageless anymore – Blog takeover

Guest writer and gorgeous Gal Pal, Dayna Broomfield of Colour Me Happy Decorating, takes over our Blog today. Here we share her recent blog post about her experience at Dermal Distinction.

And so it’s here the big 30, I don’t know how I feel about it, to be honest, a bit indifferent is how I would describe it. As I’ve only been 30 now for less than a month I can’t inform you of any big life changes, however over the past 6 months all of a sudden my skin has turned into acne city! My skin has become so congested and dry and reminds me of being a teenager all over again. I thought it was time I became proactive and did something about it, instead of just complaining because I’m also really good at that.

Dermal Distinction information brochures

Last week I had my first appointment with Dermal Distinction to get my skin in order. Before I tell you about all my treatments I have to say the ladies are super professional and knowledgeable and I highly recommend them. The first thing you can expect in your appointment is seeing your skin on a deeper level with the Observe machine, it’s like out of a sci-fi movie. It’s a round dome you put your face into for about a minute and it takes photos, so you get to see what’s happening beneath the surface of your skin that you might not see just looking at it. This allows Dermal Distinction to tailor your skin treatments to your skins individual needs.

Dayna Broomfield, Colour Me Happy Decorating blogger

My first treatment was microdermabrasion, which is painless, it just has a sucking feeling against your skin. This treatment is really good for rejuvenating the skin, removing dead skin cells, regulating the skin cycle and most importantly helps with congestion… Tick. After that we moved to an Aspect Dr fruit enzyme mask which picked up any loose skin and it’s extremely satisfying as you can feel the dead skin ball up… ok maybe gross to some, but I loved it and I ended up ordering it from their online store after my appointment because I enjoyed it so much. At the end of both of these treatments I could feel the difference in my skin, it felt a lot smoother and more even.

Dermal Distinction Treatment Rooms

Next up was a peel, I have never tried a peel so I was interested to give it a go. We applied a Mediks Superfacial Enzyme peel, again painless with just a tiny bit of tingling which is normal. This peel is ideal if you want no peeling and minimal redness giving you a radiant, brightened more rejuvenated finish. To finish off we used a Societé Oxygen Mask to assist with hydration levels. Now by this stage, you could say I was pretty relaxed being pampered, knowing my skin was going to be in a much healthier condition than when I first walked through the doors… but wait there is more, I know what you’re thinking… What more could you have had done?! Well, to finish off I had an LED light therapy treatment which I’ve heard about and have been curious about for a couple of years. Here’s a high level of how it works, it sends energy into the skin tissue working on a cellular level. Each colour targets certain concerns – I had the blue LED treatment done on my face for bacteria and oil and red for collagen and elastin and overall skin rejuvenation. 

The Observ skin analysis image taken of Dayna

What I’ve learnt the most is my skin and its health is super important as I age. I can’t get by on supermarket brand skincare and need regular treatments, now I know what you may be thinking… that’s expensive and initially, it can be but investing in your skin now can prevent ageing and problematic skin in the future. Initially, your treatment schedule will be more frequent but once you get your skin to a condition you’re happy with treatments can become once every 6 weeks making it much more manageable… And affordable. 

Skincare can be hard, complicated and overwhelming and sometimes you don’t know where to start so I highly recommend booking yourself an appointment with a skin therapist to help you down the right path. If you’re in Melbourne be sure to contact Dermal Distinction and let me know which treatment you received.

Dayna Broomfield is a New Zealand born interior lover. She currently lives in Melbourne with one sassy chihuahua and a few plants holding on for dare life. She has worked in the homewares industry for several years, but shifted into digital and content strategy as her love for content grew. Get to know her through her Instagram @colourmehappydecorating where she posts beautiful visual interior design and lifestyle imagery.

All photos on this blog post are styled, photographed and owned by Dayna Broomfield, but used with permission here!

Thanks for reading!

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