Simplify your life with a new beauty regime in 2020

Every single day we are deluged with beauty and skin care products and recommendations that pull us in different directions. And it can become overwhelming trying to incorporate so many options and steps into each day. So let’s look at some key skin and beauty steps to include in your regime to really look after yourself in 2020, and keep your life simple.

1. Clean skin is always in. I think most people recognise the need to wash your face every morning and night, but using a good quality cleanser can really change your skin for the better. Cleansers remove environmental debris, dead skin cells, makeup and other contaminants. They really will clean up the way your skin functions. When looking for a cleanser, I recommend looking for one that is pH-balanced and non-foaming. This means that it is not harsh on the skin, and doesn’t compromise the skin barrier. One of my favourites is Medik8 Lipid Cleanser. It is so soft and luxurious, I feel like I am a spa even when I am at home.

Aspect Dr Deep clean
My skincare routine

2. Skin care is important since healthy skin will impact your beauty routine too. Not only will it save you time when applying makeup, but the anti-ageing results you will see later in life will pay off big time. And when your skin looks and feels healthy, there is little need to apply heavy duty foundation. So now you are thinking, well that sounds great but how do I keep it simple when there are so many formulations and potions out there. If we had to cut everything away, and just keep one or two basics here, I would include a morning application of a Vitamin C serum and a retinol based product at night time. Vitamin C helps to brighten the skin, prevent pigmentation and also it is the building block of collagen. So it is really an all rounder. One of my favorites is Aspect Dr Active C Serum. At night, swap this out for a retinol product. Vitamin A, or retinol, really helps to lift away dead skin cells gently over night. I personally love and use Cosmedix Refine everyday. 

3. I am a busy woman. But let’s face it, which woman isn’t? So whenever possible, using a single product that serves me with two benefits is a big plus for me. The big mover and shaker in my life is sunscreen being combined with other products, and there are lots of options out there. There are moisturizers and sunscreen, foundation with sunscreen, and eye serums with sunscreen. The key here is to look at the ingredient list to decipher the type of sunscreen the product has. Without giving you a chemistry lesson, the basics are that there are chemical sunscreens and physical sunscreens. The latter is the kind we want in our daily products as they sit on the skin and bounce sun rays right off. Look for the ingredients Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide. These are the good guy ingredients, as they are non-irritating and work efficiently at deflecting UV. Just remember that this will not be enough sun protection if you are going to be outdoors or swimming. Slip, slop and slap more sun protection for concentrated outdoor time.

My makeup bag contents: Cosmedix Opticrystals, Colourscience Beauty on the go palette and highlighters.
My makeup bag contents: Cosmedix Opticrystals, Colourscience Beauty on the go palette and highlighters.

4. I am in the skin business, but I think that you would be surprised by how little makeup is in my beauty bag. I have mineral foundation, a colour makeup palette and a gel eyeliner. That is it! That means after three products, I am good to go. There are many mineral foundations available and all of them have different consistencies. When I look for foundation, I am looking for that SPF protection as usual, but I want as few ingredients in my makeup as possible. I love Colorescience Tint du Soleil, as it provides great coverage that is buildable, it has an SPF of 30 and contains a bunch of antioxidant vitamins to nourish at the same time. One product, three uses. Other options include Nude by Nature, which is available almost everywhere they sell makeup. My makeup palette has a couple of illuminator choices, a blush and a few eyeshadow shades on it. One palette, three functions. I think you might be seeing a pattern here.

5. Lashes that speak volumes are easier than you think, and with little maintenance. Years ago I booked in every two to three weeks to get eyelash extensions. I loved the volume and curl, but seriously who has the time for all the maintenance? I have since discovered a lash lift and tint. This is an updated version of the old lash perm process. It takes around 45 minutes to have it done, and I almost fall asleep every time. A lash lift and tint lasts for around 8 weeks, and you literally won’t think about doing anything to your lashes during that time. No mascara. No curler. Nada. Just curled, dark lashes from the moment you wake up to the moment you go to bed.

My full makeup look with only a few products
My full makeup look with only a few products

6. If we want to have some serious skin love, professional treatments are important to build your skin hydration, correct fine lines and wrinkles, as well as deal with pesky blemishes. An amazing all rounder treatment is Dermafrac, and the treatment is perfect for absolutely anyone. And when I say anyone, I mean anyone. Young, old, pregnant, menopausal. Anyone. The treatment combines 4 therapies in the one session. Your therapist will start with microdermabrasion to exfoliate away the dead skin cells. Next the Dermafrac roller (otherwise known as skin needling) will be glided over your face and neck. There is a negative suction system in this particular treatment, that infuses serums into the skin whilst the roller is moving. So basically it is inducing collagen and feeding the skin nutrients all at the same time. Finally to conclude the treatment, LED light is cast over the skin to really super-charge the skin with energy. This helps the skin calm, brighten and up-regulate collagen production.

Thanks for reading!

Written by Giulia D’Anna

BDSc (Melb), MRACDS, Honorary FIADFE (NY), Graduate Diploma Dermal Therapies (AACDS), Cert. Practice Man (UNE), Editor APJ (APAN) + | + 3 Belmore Road, Balwyn North, Victoria, Australia 3104 + | + Founder of iDental and Dermal Distinction

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