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Remember when you were around 13 and everyone had braces on their teeth? It was usually a two year process of awkward eating, silver wires and difficult teeth cleaning. Well things have progressed in dentistry, so that getting a lovely smile doesn’t need to be an unattractive process. Let’s look at the options.

As a woman who runs her own business, two years of treatment can be truly daunting. I can also appreciate that having braces stuck to your teeth is also not an attractive option. Enter Truline aligners. Truline is a system that uses a sequential number of clear plates or aligners to move teeth into position. Each aligner is worn for most of the day so that constant pressure is applied to the teeth, gently nudging them into a better position. The aligners can be taken out for short periods, such as when you are eating, brushing your teeth or drinking coffee. Some people will need complex bite treatment, whereas others prefer to simply straighten the front teeth. In my dental practice, I prefer to use Truline aligners to bring all the front teeth into a straighter position, leaving the molars passive. This focused approach shortens the treatment time to a few months, which is optimal for a busy lifestyle.

Aligner orthodontics at iDental
Aligner orthodontics at iDental

Straighter looking teeth can also be achieved without any kind of orthodontic process. Dental Veneers are another option for women looking for a more instant result. Veneers are made of either Porcelain or Resin, and are essentially a cosmetic cover that is bonded to the front of the tooth. A veneer can be used to make teeth appear straighter, longer or wider, by disguising the shape of the underlying teeth. As a cosmetic dentist, I love Resin veneers, as they can transform the position and appearance of the smile in a single visit, and without removing any tooth structure. This is advantageous as the tooth is intact, undamaged and the procedure is reversible should we need to undertake other care in the future. Resin has a beautiful lustre and mimics tooth structure extremely well, giving the smile a natural appearance. Veneers can create a really beautiful smile and truly light up the face.

With so many cosmetic dentistry options available, the best advice I can give you is to talk to your dentist about what process will work best for you. You may be surprised by how much confidence a straighter smile will give you, and it might just turn out to be one of the best business assets you have. Learn More

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Written by Giulia D’Anna

BDSc (Melb), MRACDS, Honorary FIADFE (NY), Graduate Diploma Dermal Therapies (AACDS), Cert. Practice Man (UNE), Editor APJ (APAN) + | + 3 Belmore Road, Balwyn North, Victoria, Australia 3104 + | + Founder of iDental and Dermal Distinction

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