Colorescience Mineral Makeup

Today’s women and men are more health conscious than ever before. That may be one reason mineral makeup is gaining in popularity.  Since many traditional makeup products contain preservatives and other chemicals, some irritation may occur. Some products may clog pores and cause breakouts. Clients with especially sensitive skin or allergies may have trouble finding a traditional product that does not make problems worse.

Our mineral makeup products are kind to your skin, hypoallergenic, and appropriate for all skin types. Our naturally preserved minerals provide a natural sunblock thanks to titanium/zinc oxides, and our products are designed for smooth, flawless coverage. No more cakey layers of makeup! Our products actually act as a barrier between your skin and harsh free radicals, while still letting your skin breathe.  The Colorescience range includes liquid and pressed powder foundation, illuminators, a fab beauty palette, SPF lip glosses and eye concealers. Amazing!

To shop for colorescience, head over here.

Thanks for reading!

Written by Giulia D’Anna

BDSc (Melb), MRACDS, Honorary FIADFE (NY), Graduate Diploma Dermal Therapies (AACDS), Cert. Practice Man (UNE), Editor APJ (APAN) + | + 3 Belmore Road, Balwyn North, Victoria, Australia 3104 + | + Founder of iDental and Dermal Distinction

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